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Dtac joins hands with Asefa to use 5G to help manage power
Dtac joins hands with Asefa to use 5G to help manage power, smart power systems for the first time in Thailand.

[Image: dFQROr7oWzulq5FZUHxJNWbEcapusVbFBfRu0Be2...lcmRSf.jpg]

Dtac joins hands with Asifa to apply 5G technology to the first smart power system in Thailand. A flip of an electrical switchboard or MDB.

Mr. Rajiv Bawa Deputy Chief Executive Officer ดาวน์โหลด slotxo  Corporate Business Group Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or dtac said that we have partnered with Asefa to bring 5G technology to 26 GHz or Millimeter wave (mmWave) to Jointly developing 5G energy management solutions, smart power systems or smart energy management

At the same time, dtac plans to develop a solution that brings the strength of 5G to support the full mMTC, eMBB and URLLC.It will also combine the advantages of using 5G FWA in collaboration with both consumer and business users. To the development of the country

The model, which is joined by Asifa, will be a very important starting point for the industry in the future. As well as believe that it will be able to expand with other industries In order to bring 5G to move the country together
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