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This underwater farmer wants us to eat more seaweed.

Northern Ireland's northernmost tiny island could play a role in the future of food production.Waters around Rathlin Island, 150 people are swimming in seaweed. Gram for gram, kelp and other kelp contain as much protein as beef, and are just a few non-animal sources of vitamin B12. (Which helps build DNA and keep the body's nerves and blood cells healthy)It's also good for the environment: About half of the photosynthesis on Earth takes place in seaweed and ocean algae, absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Harnessing the untapped potential of kelp can help both food security and fighting climate crisis while providing habitat that nourishes biodiversity.The global seaweed industry doubled in size between 2005 and 2015 and produced 33 million tons in 2018, but it is still a niche food in most cultures.

Kate Burns wants to change that. She is the founder of Islander Rathlin Kelp, which farms kelp and turns them into a variety of food products.Burns, whose family comes from Rathlin, realized the island's surrounding waters were suitable for seaweed. Maintaining a constant temperature between 7 and 12 degrees Celsius (44 to 54 Fahrenheit), the nutrient-rich water allows the Kelp people to farm year-round and grow about 50 tons a year, she said.Culturing kelp - algae, not plants - involves rooting the cuttings back to the lab and encouraging them to release spores, which are then raised in sterile seawater tanks before being planted on a rope in the Islander Kelp Sea. There are 15 to 20 ropes at a time, each weighing approximately a ton on a length of 330 feet.

The development of the taste of seaweed The kelp on the farm is not slotxo cheap but it's worth every penny," explains Burns. The seaweed is rich in spicy umami flavor and her company sells seaweed noodles to Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and England, as well as producing kelp, pesto, tapenades and salsa verde.There is a huge room for growth in the industry. “It's surprising that chefs and people talk about seaweed - 'new food' - but when you're looking for it on the menu or in the store, it's not.Elisa Capuzzo, senior ecological scientist at the UK government's Center for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), told CNN that many people are still unfamiliar with seaweed as food. "I think there is one element of educating consumers because you are developing into new markets," she said.

Capuzzo said more research is needed for the industry to influence nature. "There are both positive and negative impacts associated with seaweed culture," she said.Some studies show that there is a powerful increase in biodiversity, ”explains Capuzzo, however," you are adding a special structure in the sea that could become a milestone for non-native organisms to spread, or are you giving rise to a large number of species? Structures in the sea that may hinder the movement of large animals Responsible farm planning, management and monitoring will be key as the industry grows, she said.In addition to the nutritional and environmental benefits, Burns argues that crops provide economic opportunities for the fishing community.We, as a small community here, have done amazing things and we have proven to be able to work under the most challenging situations with very little resources," Burns said.It's important food, such as sustainable food, and a useful resource for coastal communities, explains Burns.Need to fly out
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