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Is it really good to "detox the intestines"?
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How is a detox like a colon cleanse?

Do the detox This is to remove toxins from the body. The colon cleansing is Putting water into the intestines and flushing out the feces The two types are related. It is believed that colon cleansing is one of the methods of removing toxins from the body. Therefore using these two words mixed with each other Detox is a colon cleansing enema.

The history of detox

History of detox or douching It is a method of traditional medicine to treat any disease or illness. By causing the patient to have a defecation It is believed that draining the feces can reduce the fever. The patient's symptoms improved as if it understood that it was removing the toxins from the body. Can see that many traditional medicine The body will act to drain. For a way to make a lot of drainage Then use the douching method to wash out the feces so that the symptoms get better So the detox has been practiced and done for a long time. But there is still no one interested to take it seriously

What is detox done for?

Colon cleansing that has existed since ancient times. Most of them will have various indications ranging from fever, flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal distension, even cancer treatment. Claims will accumulate in the past, whether it is a high-fat สล็อตxo headache. High blood pressure, hepatitis, insomnia, many of the claimed diseases. By the disease itself Sometimes it can make a patient get better. Or sometimes come see a doctor or do something better But will it actually get better? Scientific proof has to be done by performing a randomized study. It is proven to patients that if using real drugs will improve Or how much better the placebo was used Is it significantly different? Which does this detox proof It is a tradition that has been done from the past to the present and continues to do so. Some people feel better after doing it. Which may be a brief feeling Not long term Someone said Even after going to cancer treatment, you can see that the vast majority of cancer patients do still die. But in the beginning May be made to feel better and comfortable because it is a short time Therefore, this method is to help or give hope to make the patient feel better. Considered useful for patients For a short time

The detox process

The evolution of detox enema has been around for a long time. Some people try to use plain water. The garden flushing the feces was found to be bad. Other substances may be introduced into the colon cleansing water, which has developed many different ways. In the past, honey, tea, liquor, beer, or soapy substances were used. Understand that they can better detoxify detoxification. Keep doing this until later it is believed that The use of coffee has the effect of expanding blood vessels. If given, it will cause the liver to expand. Blood vessels work better, the liver is an organ that destroys toxins already in the body. In order to stimulate the liver to function, it will make the toxins better excreted from the body. There is a really practical support theory. Will it be like that or not? It has not been proven whether it is actually capable of removing toxins from the body, and the toxins mentioned are not known what the toxins are. Therefore, it is believed that detoxing will help flush out residual or accumulated toxins in the body by mixing coffee with water to cause stomach emptying. That is how to detox.

Is coffee used for detox and coffee that is the same or different?

Most of the people who say that coffee is used as a colon cleansing process, it is a commercially available coffee that contains caffeine. When coffee enters the body, it can be absorbed because the intestines are responsible for the absorption of various substances. Like drinking coffee But coffee is only absorbed into the intestines. And from the intestines can enter the liver directly It is this belief Instead of drinking it, take it to the garden. As for the quantity, no one determines how much coffee should be used. Some might say that you need 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon, or how much. There was no study of the correct size or number. Including the effective use of coffee or not, it is still unknown. Because doing the detox has not been proven in medicine.

The need for colon cleansing

In medical practice, there is a real colonoscopy. But this will not be done with normal people. Most people with minor constipation will use laxatives and will not use catheters. People who are heavily constipated, cannot pass their stools. Medical, it will douche to wash the intestines. Or in the event that the patient will have to X-ray Do not want the stool in the intestines to obscure the part to be X-rayed. Therefore, the stool must be taken out, so emptying the bowel will only remove the stool faster. In addition, there are cases of patients with intestinal obstruction Stool not coming out The doctor will wash it out to make the patient get better. Or patients preparing for surgery, etc. In medical practice, there must be an indication for colon cleansing. By not doing so inaccurately


Should you do a detox or not?

Do the detox If necessary, a medical indication is required. In which the doctor will examine and determine whether it is appropriate If it is normal or has abdominal pain or minor illness, this is not recommended because it is of no use. Considered to be a short term Which, if done, will have to do it often And must always be done when having symptoms

Detox is a medical procedure. This must be done by a doctor or nurse. Is putting water into the colon And squeezed the water up Exposure to water sometimes requires pressure. Therefore, when the water entered is exchanged

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