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"Red Yeast Rice" Reduce Fat - Can You Really Reduce The Risk of Heart Disease?
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Share knowledge about health, disease, illness How to exercise Weight loss tips For good health Stay and eat delicious food for a long time.Red Yeast Rice is a health food supplement that many people pay attention to. Because red เกมสล็อต yeast rice is claimed to help reduce blood fat, but what exactly is red yeast rice? Can you really lose fat? And how safe it is for the body You must understand each other carefully before consuming.Red yeast rice, or Red Yeast Rice, is rice fermented with a red yeast called Monascus purpureus. This red yeast is used as a food coloring as we used to eat Peking duck or roast pork, but it is said. Scientists claim that red yeast yeast contains a substance called Monacolin K that has the same chemical structure as the statin family of lipids used by doctors to treat patients with hyperlipidemia. Therefore, it is advertised that this supplement has the same cholesterol-lowering effect as the statin group.

First of all, cardiovascular specialists from Facebook page 1412 Cardiology stated that red yeast rice is safe, edible and can actually reduce blood fat. However, the red yeast rice component should not be a "supplement", but rather a "drug" that must be used under close medical supervision. Because if eating incorrectly May affect the body

The danger of "red yeast rice" when it contains ingredients that have a drug-like structure, Statin, therefore, needs to be closely supervised by a physician, as is the case with statin drugs. Eating more red yeast rice after taking any prescription medication. May result in the body getting too much fat loss drug Patients who ingest may develop hepatitis or myositis, especially if they are taking lipid-lowering drugs. Or other drugs Of the hospital

Also in terms of safety Safety of red yeast rice has not been reported after human trials. And thoroughly tested animals Therefore, in terms of adjusting the dose to balance There is a right to the people who eat. It's not clear enough.

If it is said that red yeast rice is a supplement that the Chinese have been eating for a long time ago. It does not mean that it is 100% safe for our body because the chemical Monacolin K in Statin is derived from nearly 10 years of research to test its safety. Test the effectiveness of the action And control shifts in the amount of use in humans While red yeast rice does not have a clear dose of Monacolin K as well as some side effects of other compounds. In a capsule

Additionally, the red yeast rice medicine in the United States used to be able to be sold in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. It was canceled in 2001 after the US authorities. It was found to be a drug that could potentially harm consumers if the drug was not closely directed by a doctor

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